The best slot games right now

As more and more casino game players are turning to mobile devices as a way to play games, it is no wonder that slot games have become so popular today. With large bonuses up for grabs, there is no better time than now to play slot machines. Here is a brief guide to the best slot games that you should play right now.

Lord of the Rings

This eye-opening slot game has top-notch graphics. It comes with amazing visuals, video clips and a variety of bonus games, making it totally stand out from the other slots. Big fans of slots will have hours of fun with Lord of the Rings, especially when they can spend all day long playing this advanced game.

King Kong

This slot game’s graphics are out of this world. While it doesn’t have as many bonuses as Lord of the Rings, it is still highly exciting and engaging, especially when you win!

The Amazing Spiderman

This video slot machine is just as fun to play as the movie was to watch. It has 3 features and offers high wins thanks to the jackpot.

Rainbow Riches

This slot game is an all-time classic. With so many different bonus rounds to keep you engaged and entertained for many hours, you can also collect pots of gold along the way. There is no denying that the follow up lacks some of the main features of the game, but you can still have fun anyway.

Freaky Fruit slots

This popular game is filled with fruit symbols, a catchy tune and tropical cocktail bonus games that are extremely funny. You should definitely not miss out on this slot game as it already has a cult following. The free spins are handed out generously and the jackpot is decent enough.