Poker Tournaments – How to Join

Poker gained immense popularity after the development of poker tournaments in the 1970s. Tournaments made the game more accessible and it was then that it became a spectator sport. Poker players from around the world can join these massive tournaments and try their hand at winning big.

Big Name Tournaments

When it comes to poker tournaments there are a couple that stand out for various reasons. The most well-known tournament is of course the World Series of Poker. Beginning in 1970, WSOP is held each year in Las Vegas. Initially played with just seven of the most well-known players, the tournament has become larger and larger as the years go by. Now it attracts thousands of hopefuls and the winner can win a huge multi-million-dollar cash prize. Now the series has 65 different events though the main one is the no-limit Hold’em held at the end of the tournament.

Another notable poker tournament is the Australian Poker Championship or Aussie Millions. This takes place in Melbourne, Australia. Spread over a few weeks this is considered to be one of the biggest tournaments in the southern hemisphere. A relatively new addition to the tournaments, Aussie Millions started in 1997 with a rather modest $74,000 prize. Nowadays though, it is listed in sixth place in terms of its enormous prize money.

Joining a Tournament

It can be fun participating in one of these big tournaments but more complicated to actually join. offers plenty of tips for getting the best out of the tournament experience.

Joining the WSOP for example, is a straightforward process. Players simply visit the site and select the game type with the limit to the stakes they prefer. After that it is a simple registration form to fill out.

Whilst it may seem daunting, playing at a tournament is a fun and exciting way to get practice and improve when playing poker.