Best casino card games

With the number of casinos growing rapidly in towns and cities nationwide, it seems that recreational gambling has never been more popular – with more and more people taking their first tentative steps into a casino. With a huge array of games inside each venue, choosing what to play can be difficult. To assist, we have picked out the two most popular casino card games. Good luck.


A staple in casinos throughout the world, blackjack pits player against dealer (employed by the casino). The player bets a stake, which will be doubled if he/she wins and will go to the casino coffers if they lose.

Both dealer and player are initially dealt two cards, with the aim of the game to have the score closest to 21 (scores are determined by the number on the card, face cards score 10 and an ace can be 1 or 11 – depending on what the card holder wishes it to be).

Player and dealer can take as many cards as needed, however when their total score exceeds 21 they are deemed ‘bust’ and have lost the game. Should both the player and the dealer end up with an equal score, a ‘push’ occurs – and the player gets their stake returned.

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

While other variants of poker are often available, Texas Hold ‘Em is guaranteed to be offered. Differing from many casino games in that players play against each other, while the casino simply charges a small fee to facilitate the game.

Each player is dealt two ‘hole’ cards – unique to them – at the beginning of each hand. They can decide from these if they would like to pay money to see three ‘community cards’, which every player can use. There are two further community cards dealt, with a round of betting between each.

From these five ‘community’ cards, and the player’s two ‘hole’ cards, he/she must make the best possible five-card hand (a brief overview of which can be found here The player with the strongest hand wins.